Sunwah Pearl Apartment for rent

A Hong Kong Complex Urban in the heart of the city, such a beautiful location, many promotion. Book to buy now for promotion up to 4%. Price from 45-60 mil VND/m2

A masterpiece of this architectural complex converges fully functional apartments, office, commercial, service, entertainment, sports. In the sky, water, grass and trees harmonize with the most beautiful river in Saigon.

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Why you should to buy Sunwah Pearl apartment?

01. Project location.
Sunwah Pearl is currently the only project remaining in Ho Chi Minh City with the Saigon River frontage and can walk through District 1 – District 2, District 3 or District 4. We affirm that no more projects are located along the Saigon River but close to the city center.

02. Good Feng Shui brings good luck into your home.
Hong Kong – the world’s most famous Feng Shui. Many People believe that Hong Kong is as prosperous as it is today due to its feng shui: the Victoria Harbor, with its eastern and western sides, is surrounded by mountains, making the harbor like a giant pearl. This is Hong Kong’s fortune-telling network that is always prosperous. Sunwah Pearl is the place where the air, the fortune, ensure the rules of feng shui, for all good things, safe flow into your home.

03. Facilities.
All the facilities of the project are located on the 7 storey high floor, the residents will enjoy full facilities such as  green park, shopping malls, supermarkets, luxury restaurants, gyms, pool, children’s play area, etc

04. The best products for investment
The products of Sunwah Group are always on the rise, rising in price from time to time, giving you the most intelligent investment and economic efficiency. Sunwah Tower and other projects of Developer has proved this.

05. Reputation Developer
Sunwah Group is a multi-national, multi-disciplinary multinational corporation from Hong Kong. Over 50 years of development, the group has a network of subsidiaries covering Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore and Macao.